zondag 7 oktober 2018 – 15.00 uur

Maria Ivanovich – piano
Mompou, ter Veldhuis, Schontal, Guix, Harada

Garden of Ephemeral Delights

Maria Ivanovich

Garden of Ephemeral Delights is a specifically chosen program that expresses my current artistic state: exploring very deep emotions by an unexpected diversity of delicate sounds. Free of any merely brilliant effects or sugared romanticism, it involves me as an interpreter and hopefully the listener with a whole diapason of flickering combinations of watery, transparent and bell-like sounds, travelling through devastating emotions achieved by minimalist means and finally settling at the inebriant sensations evoked in the piece written after Bosch’s famous painting.

Maria Ivanovich finished her graduate studies mentored by Svetlana Bogino at Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, where she has also worked as Teacher Assistant at Piano Cathedra. In 2008 she was elected  the Best Student of the University of Novi Sad. She has completed her MA with Vladislav Bronevetsky at ESMúC, Barcelona, and has also received masterclasses from Arkadi Volodos, Ricardo Descalzo, Noel Flores, Boris Berman and Sergio Perticaroli, among others. Maria has played numerous concerts along Europe and was awarded more than forty prizes at international piano competitions, including special prizes for contemporary music and F. Mompou interpretation. Active in the organization field, she has worked as Director of International Piano Competition Eugenia Verdet and Coordinator of International Music Festival and Summer Course of Yablonsky Foundation. She currently holds the position of President at WPTA Spain-Catalonia and Director at COR ARTIS Benefit Concerts.

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