zondag 29 oktober 2017 – 15.00 uur

Carlos Bianchini

Pianist en componist Carlos Bianchini

Carlos Bianchini

De pianist en componist Carlos Bianchini uit Barcelona is op zondag 29 oktober om 15 uur te gast in ’t Mosterdzaadje. Hij speelt er zijn eigen composities die met zeer veel lof zijn ontvangen. Niet alleen zijn werk maar ook de uitvoering ervan maakt dat hij wordt omschreven als een vreugde van het gevoel. Zijn pianostukken laten zich beluisteren als een muzikaal dagboek waarin ervaringen en emoties uit het leven van Carlos zijn verwerkt. Het optreden in ’t Mosterdzaadje is in combinatie met meerdere concerten in Nederland.

Highlighted in the career of Carlos Bianchini is the way he has combine his artistic and pianistic career with his role as a producer in different countries. This has given him a wide range of experiences and cultural influences that obviously are then reflected in his works.

This composer shows in each of his works, not only traits of his good academic training, but also the influence of great Romantic and Impressionists composers. In addition, reflected in his music are elements of Jazz and World Music. But above all, emphasizes his personal style of expressive composition and his particular vision of understanding the world and music. With Solo Piano, his latest work, has toured in many international cities since his release, has been cataloged by the press as the “The Joy of the Senses” precisely for this single sensitivity, not only when composing, but also for the sole and exclusive quality of his interpretations.

This collection of pieces reveals the way of perceiving the moments lived by the composer and it takes the form of a musical journal that reflects the experiences and emotions of Carlos Bianchini. Begins at an early age his piano studies at the conservatory of his hometown, Barcelona. Later on, he completes his higher studies in piano at the Conservatory of Music in Salamanca. Receives master classes from professors as Gennady Dzyubenko, Ludovica Mosca or Carmen Bravo, with this last, working personally the work of F. Mompou. At the same time, He complements his training with studies of Jazz in Barcelona, and Musicology in Universidad de La Rioja and it is also formed in chemistry from the University of Barcelona.

As pianist and composer he collaborates in several dance projects in the field of performing arts like Compañía Nacional de Danza, directed by the prestigious Nacho Duato at the time or Institut del Teatre of Barcelona allowing him to develop great skill in the field of improvisation and in real-time composition.

Later on he founds his own production company starting an intense activity in the field of creation and production of cultural events and developing important musical productions nationwide. In the earliest years he has have an important role in developing international production projects in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

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